Whale Watching in Santa Barbara

One of the most rewarding and magical things to do in Santa Barbara is going on a whale watching trip. Once in a while I will go down to the harbor and book a cruise on the Condor Express or the Double Dolphin. There are so many options available and each one of them has its special perks, depending on what you are looking for. I make it a point in my life to take advantage of this very special environment here in Santa Barbara on a regular basis. Going out there on the water, feeling the wind in your hair, breathing the salty air and enjoying each other's company while watching the wild life - it all just makes you feel so alive! That is if you can handle being on a boat Wink

You will most likely see plenty of dolphins, sea lions, seabirds and different types of whales (humpback, gray, blue etc.). Our Santa Barbara Channel is one of the West Coast's best areas for whale watching, as the water is very nutrient rich. Starting in November - with its peak during January to March - is probably the best timing for whale watching. But no matter when you go and if you see or don't see any whales - it is always worth going out there. It's one of the major perks of living in Santa Barbara.

I added a quick video giving you a little taste of Santa Barbara's whale watching experience. On this particular trip we saw some humpbacks, but couldn't get too close as they were traveling fast. When you live in Santa Barbara you see dolphins regularly. I get all super excited and giddy, any time I see one. Or an entire pod, like here on this trip. Simply magical! 

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